What is an existential crisis and what are ways to cope?

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Have you been feeling restless and maybe a bit of an existential unease?

Have you been craving more excitement or fulfillment in your life and wondering how much weight to place onto these feelings? Maybe you’ve even been feeling a bit stale, less vibrant and full, as a result of these emotions and wondering what to do about them, perhaps hoping they will pass…

Predictably, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone, and that many of us appear to be having these reflections. Further, I hypothesize that existential crisis contemplations are a product of learning to fit into our complex world at this day in age. Indeed, so many of us are feeling the same way.

BE Therapy discusses having an existential crisis and how to deal.

An existential crisis for all?

Such philosophical waves have arrived cyclically, like the tides, periodically visiting generations during pivotal points in history. Existential awakenings have been a product of historical transformation as humans have often been propelled into preoccupation with regard to our place and meaning in this world. 

For instance, It is no surprise that at present we are tiredly crawling out from the depths of a multiple year’s long global pandemic and thus may feel somewhat depleted energetically, or quite the opposite, we may be feeling a “joie de vivre,” a zest for life, a need to feel even more fulfilled than previously as a result of the past few burdensome years.  

Certainly this examination of one’s own life and place in the world might also have something to do with the plethora of tragic events that currently impact our planet, and many of us have undoubtedly–inevitably–developed negative news fatigue, a sort of general state of malaise, as a result of all of the human suffering, economic difficulties, and environmental impacts that our world is facing at this moment in time.

How can we not, as conscious sentient human beings, absorb these phenomena without subsequently feeling plagued in some way by the meaning of our own positions in this bittersweet universe? It may be a philosophical question, but no doubt one that I see weighing on the minds of many of my acquaintances and clients, my own included! 

What I can offer is some reassurance that it actually makes sense to feel this way.

We all individually have our own challenges in addition to these existential sentiments. Life is beautiful, and it can also feel heavy and tough. Let us feel some comfort that others feel similar unease at times, including at this time. Hopefully, we strive to gain some empowerment to do whatever we can within our locus of control to bring more fulfillment, peace, and joy into our lives, and perhaps the lives of others too, since we know that benevolent acts are deeply rewarding. Whether these actions are minute or on a grander scale, we know that action combats anxiety.

Let us not be too hard on ourselves for any emotional waves that approach us (whether an existential crisis and everything in between) and maybe just surf them out with grace and self-compassion.

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