Couples Counseling in Denver

Is it worth going to couples counseling? 

The simple answer is yes. If you are even contemplating – or indeed googling ‘Couples Counseling Denver’ or relationships counseling or marriage counseling you know that there’s something you want to fix, or if not fix, at least investigate! 

You can feel better. 

We invest so much time and emotion into our close relationships that often it’s hard to unpick what we are feeling, that is why it is worth stepping back and asking for a different perspective. A certified couples counselor or therapist is often the best place to start! 

What is couples counseling, relationship or marriage counseling? 

It’s an opportunity to help you and your partner look objectively at your relationship, to work through difficulties and rebuild, or to make the hard decision that perhaps you don’t want to stay together! 

There are so many areas of a relationship that therapy can help, including recurring conflicts, issues related to sex, an affair, work stresses, family issues, a feeling of disconnection… As a society we have had such a tough time recently that the stress of life is very much at the forefront.

And there’s a fix!

With your skilled, experienced Couples Counselor, Bozhena will gently guide you to see a different perspective, to see the relationship and potentially the issues within it from a different place, noticing your triggers that connect to deeper emotional wounds, and thus allowing you to make informed decisions instead of emotional responses.

Amazing, right?

If no action is taken, things will simply not change. Is that an option for you? Do you deserve more?


Maybe you’ve been in a long-term relationship that feels stale or like your needs aren’t being met? It could be that you need help communicating your needs to your partner.

You may also need help rekindling your erotic desire for one another when it feels like you’ve lost it. You want the sexual intimacy back!

I’m here to be your relationship coach. More times than not, a relationship can be repaired if both players are just willing to put in some work in order to reignite the spark that may have dimmed and/or get reacquainted with all of the qualities that you have valued most about your partner. It IS possible to take your relationship to the next level and revive that love and attraction, and I’m here to help you do that!

Couples Counseling  is continuing to grow as I help and work with more clients and I am honored to offer it in my counseling practice at BE Therapy, located at 5255 Marshall St Suite 201, Arvada, CO 80002. You can reach my office at (970) 439-1604 or click here to request a session.

I can help bring you both back to the same page, perhaps you don’t know where to start… I do! Issues with your relationships can give you many challenges you might be feeling right now:

  • A feeling of disconnection 
  • Self-esteem and confidence boosting
  • Anxiety and intense worry for the future
  • Indecision and a feeling of ‘being stuck’ 
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Not feeling appreciated or loved
  • Resorting to the same behaviors you always have 

Hi. I’m Bozhena Evans, founder of BE Therapy, and a trained Brainspotting Therapist in Arvada.

I have an eclectic professional background and love working with people from all walks of life. I’ve seen first-hand how much relief Brainspotting Therapy brings – especially when it comes to anxiety. 

You deserve this.

And, my mission is to give you the top tier therapeutic service that you need so that you can shrug off (finally) the endless worry and circling that comes with anxiety. 

Do you need this? Well, have you ever gotten anxiety over having anxiety? Yep. Come give Brainspotting a try.

  • Bozhena Evans, LCSW